more than the sum of its Parts

When we observe things we can penetrate beneath their surface and experience what makes them tick. With this profound experience, we can make new connections. In other words, we can use our imagination to solve problems and create something new. In this way we gain the ability not just to let changes happen, but to control them purposefully.

I never noticed that before!

How it Works

Ocula is a table lamp that invites you to observe. Each of its components is freely movable. The two front rings can be rotated 360° and, with their slats, create a completely new pattern through optical superimposition that changes constantly as the rings move. A moiré effect is created. At the same time, the rotation can be used to create shading scenarios of varying intensity.


Ocula is expandable with a set of a wide variety of  pattern rings. The two front rings are interchangeable with other rings with different patterns, making Ocula a visual playground to observe.

Video abspielen