External influences shape our eating behaviour: How do others eat? How much do others eat? I eat the portion that is allotted to me. I pour the glass to two centimetres below the top. These are pre-formed routines, behavioural conditioning. But what do I actually need myself?

It starts with the hand that measures the ingredient. One hand size for each ingredient. Seven hands of water, three times both hands of vegetables, two hands of fruit, three fists of carbohydrates, one palm of protein, two thumbs of fat and a pinch of salt – everything I need in a day. The measure is me. Quantum embodies these hand volumes.

It is an intervention that questions social influences on portions, breaks down culturally determined conventions and creates a connection between the individual and the portion to allow the sense of one’s own needs to emerge.

QUANTUM       ˈkvantum | noun       [ Latin: how much, how big ]       1.  a certain amount   2.  a certain number


ˈkvantum | noun       

Latin: how much, how big ]       

1.  a certain amount   

2.  a certain number

Social and cultural Influences

Our daily habits are unconsciously shaped by social and cultural influences. Over time, the average portion of food has steadily increased. Today’s much is tomorrow’s normal. In the same way, culturally determined ideals of beauty and social trends shape what and how we eat. But even small everyday behaviours in eating are the result of external influences, such as eating the portion that is allotted to us by others without questioning whether this is really what we personally need at the moment. We disregard our own sense for the right portion.

Quantum is a set of six porcelain and two mouth-blown vessels that help users to become more aware of themselves and their needs, to free themselves from external social, cultural and beauty constraints.

The right portion

The factors for finding the right portion are very individual. For example, it depends on size, age and the shape of the day. Known numerical measurement systems cannot measure this. So the connection between the measuring system and the individual portion was missing.

the hand

The hand is just as individual as we are and grows with us. By opposing the thumb, the hand is able to depict a wide range of sizes. These range from a pinch to a bowl that is formed with both hands. 

Quantum is the embodiment of these hand volumes. It leaves room for interpretation in order to deal with one’s own sense of what is personally needed. At the same time, the number of hand sizes per day provides orientation.



Three times both hands of vegetables

Three times both hands of vegetables

Three Hands of Fruits

Three fists of carbs

one palm of protein

one pinch of salt

two thumbs of fat

seven hands of water

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Manufacturing Process

CNC-Milled plaster moulds

CNC-Milled plaster moulds

traces of Glass Blowing

Quantum was created in the context of the international cooperation project CRAFT – Activating Pedagogy for Ceramic Education Future and glass – handformed matter an international development, exchange and cooperation project on the potential of handcrafted glass manufacture in Europe.


Creative Conscience Awards Winner 2023 


Museum Baruther Glashütte, Barut, 2023 | Grassimesse, Leipzig, 2023 | Zeughausmesse, Berlin, 2023


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