Inspired by the sturdy root form of apple trees, Root is the basis for a piece of furniture that ages, transforms, grows and lives with our needs.

Root is a set of furniture legs. Each leg holds an interface from which a piece of furniture can spring. Exactly the furniture that the user needs in the current life situation.

Through a plug-in principle, Root is able to flexibly and quickly add functions or even transform into a completely different piece of furniture. This makes Root a lifelong companion.



Root consists of a self-developed sustainable material, fruit waste from the food industry and natural resin, the wound secretion of trees. The material therefore inevitably requires trees as living producers of raw materials and does not destroy any habitats. The material has the property that it heals itself under the influence of heat. This means that any damage can always be repaired seamlessly and any waste in the production process can be shredded and reused. Have a look at the material here.


Each leg of Root holds an interface for a log and each log can be used to create exactly the furniture the user needs in their current living situation. The log is held in place by a plug-in principle. At the same time, this allows for easy and flexible assembly, disassembly and reconstruction without any tools. Root is thus
prepared for every change in living situation. 

Root itself can be disassembled into two parts. On the one hand, this makes it easier totransport and, on the other hand, it is possible to create large furniture and with just one Root. It is also possible to link and expand several Roots. Root is therefore a modular system that changes with our needs.


Green Concept Award Nominee 2023 | Creative Conscience Awards Winner 2023 | WAS IST GUT Winner 2023 | Bundespreis Ecodesign Shortlist 2023 | Architecture Masterprize Discovery of the Year 2023 | Isola Design Awards Nominee 2023


Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, 2022 | Greener Manufacturing Show, Cologne, 2022 | Interzum, Cologne, 2023


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